Healthy tacos

The Pantry Cafe, Mumbai

Kombucha and Taco

Mumbai…where chai seeds are the norm and veggie options have been around for ever! Healthy options in Mumbai are effortless and expected and while the craze in London and around the world is all about eating well, I feel we have a lot to learn from the Indians. 

The Pantry Cafe, in Kalaghoda, Mumbai is definitely a place where you won’t see a diet coke on the menu and the kombucha is on tap.  In fact, kombucha options are available.  And a lovely more zesty kinda tasting kombucha I didn’t taste while I was there. Food is healthy, tasty and looks good too.  I love that there’s a winter menu while it’s 33 degrees outside, but if Zara around the corner is selling coats and jumpers at this time of the year (February), well why not have a winter’s menu then! Definitely a winter I could get use to!

As soon as you walk into this white colonial looking building, you’ll be mesmerized with its quaint English kitchen feel, complete with terylene curtains and shelving, with odd bits and pieces of old kitchen wares arranged cleverly to look random.  Getting inside can be a mission with scooters, bikes and carts double parked, tripled parked in fact, that it’s often a relief there’s someone to open the door for you and welcome you inside!

While small, it was ok for individuals to sit with their lap tops and drink and pass their day away it seemed.  While outside everyone is rushing around, it’s ok to take your time in here and glance at the chaos just outside the window.

Flat white coffee

Situated in fort, The Pantry Cafe, Mumbai is an ideal place for a well-deserved break.  They serve breakfast, lunches and importantly snacks and as you will be doing a long of wandering while in Mumbai, snacks are a great excuse to breathe and ponder your next move in the hustle bustle of a very vibrant part of town! I had the kombucha on tap of course and tasty tacos.

The small selection of cakes was interesting and I was curious about the eggless gluten free cheese cake made with guava. Next time perhaps?

I watched them make a coffee from afar and deliver it to another customer and then safely ordered a flat white.  Oh yes! Delicious! Why have I not been here before?  Definitely on my list for next time!

Insta: @thepantrymumbai

Address: Plot No. 14, Ground Floor, Yashwanth Chambers Military Square Lane, B Bharucha Rd, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001, India

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