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As you sit and wait for your coffee outside tabxtab, you may just wonder (even if just for a bit) if there is still a pandemic going on?  Tabxtab are back and with the sun shimmering on my face all is good, real good.  Tables are spaced out, masks on, sanitizers at the ready…what more could you ask for really?  Well except the obvious- that this ‘world crisis’ would just disappear.

But what I’m here for is the coffee at tabxtab…it’s made with love and passion and when you hear that someone has been trained by an antipodean…well call me bias…but this is one happy Melbournian.  The staff are friendly and genuine and tabxtab is the kinda place that if I’m in the area, it’s worth a detour.

Their cakes are all made on the premises and are divine.  I had the ‘little’ carrot cake that was just the right size to feel like the day is not a right off because you had cake at 8am!

The coffee is so good here, they know their stuff!  There is no sugar on the tables…because you do not need sugar if the coffee is good! The homeware…yeap the plates and cups are handmade too…I might have had to have a sneak look at the bottom of the plate! Hehe 

I would recommend an outside table while you watch the day unfold in front of you.  I like the sun so you will find me in full sun, but there are shady parts too.

Loyalty cards…magic stamps…on an app! Seriously paper loyalty cards must go! Who can be bothered?

The thing I’ve noticed recently about conversations during this time, is people aren’t talking about holidays and their next trip…it’s all about food and healthy lifestyle…so this is the perfect place right?

I recommend the flat white and a ‘little’ cake.  And if you have time, grab a brunch.  Definitely coming back for a longer trip for next time.

Insta: @tabxtablondon

Address:  Westbourne House,14-16 Westbourne Grove, London W2 5RH

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