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Market Lane Coffee, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne

coffee artMarket Lane Coffee is born and based in Melbourne and prides itself as a quality roaster and retailer.  When I left Melbourne in 2007, coffee was starting to boom. Market Lane Coffee opened its doors a few year’s later and it’s guaranteed to be on my list of places to visit every time I come home.  I love the urban warehouse feel of the shop in Queen Victoria Market and the staff know their stuff and love to share their tips and experiences.  It seems every time I venture in there I happen to talk to a barista who spent some time in London many moons ago and can relate to my frustration about seeking good coffee in London.  I’m proud to say that the tides are turning and London is starting its boom and I’m so ready for it! Vic Market is a must on anyone’s tour of Melbourne but I love how Melbournians take their coffee seriously!  As the sign says, ‘We love to make coffee for the city that loves to drink it.’  Judging by the crowds in the morning, Melbournians certainly like to drink it!cup

I also stock up on beans here at Market Lane Coffee and love taking packets home with me, as well as, the cards explaining where the beans are from and about the farmers who make the beans.  It’s that detail that makes it extra special and gives you the energy to head to the fish hall and stock up on fresh seafood.

The coffee culture in Melbourne is just amazing.  Coffee is such an integral part of the  Melbourne lifestyle and give us a sense of what it means to live in this city, with a connection to a community that chain stores and shopping centres can never make.

It’s almost impossible to find a bad coffee in Melbourne and it’s exciting to see places around the world try to create that ‘Aussie feel’ of a cafe.

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