Kala Ghoda Cafe, Mumbai


Smack bang in the middle of chaos and craziness that only Mumbai can do best, is a quaint little cosy coffee shop, Kala Ghoda Cafe, which on my first visit appeared to be just that. 

This time when I was disappointed to find no seats, I was ushered to the back of the shop, escorted across the laneway and toilets into a large coffee house with two doors leading out of it! One towards the wine bar area and the other to another entrance on a different road! Lesson to be learnt-things in Mumbai do not always appear what they seem on the outside!

The selection of coffee here is mammoth and you need a few weeks to try all that they have to offer.  Definitely go for breakfast and coffee and be sure if you don’t want sugar in your coffee, tell them! They like their sugar here.  Jaggery is recommend-a more healthy option to sugar.

They make their own coffee blend here, both south Indian Arabica and Robusta coffee varieties.  All their coffee is sourced directly from plantations which engage in sustainable practices.

The décor is plain, no-fuss kinda place.  The staff all wear different kinds of hats, depending I guess on their status, and are super friendly and happy to please. 

Coffee is super cheap here 100 INR ( just over £1) and a place you can hide for a while from the chaos outside. 

There are no windows out the back, so you could be anywhere in the world really-take your pick! 

Be sure to try out Trishna (great food opposite) where often there are more staff working in a section that there are customers in the restaurant.  A story for another day!

Kulture shop is just around the corner too, where local artists sell their prints in an upmarket store.  Well worth a visit.  I purchased a small print and I was enthralled by the effort and detail given to wrap it up! Longer than it took to select my print and boy did I take my time!

Also a visit to Mumbai isn’t a visit unless you go to Fabindia.  Check it out, I recommend the classic cappuccino at Kala Ghoda Cafe and a cushion cover or two from Fabindia.  Hehe! But maybe that’s just me!

Insta: @kalaghoda

Address: 10 Ropewalk Lane, Kala Ghoda
Fort, Mumbai 400 001

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