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Farm Girl, Notting Hill

Rose latte, sunglassesThe name, Farm Girl,  intrigued me immediately and I was hooked instantly! What’s not to like about a place that’s so healthy and insta-pretty! Hehe!  Seriously though this Aussie girl is definitely onto to something, and now with Farm Girl in Soho and Chelsea…who knows where it is going to turn up next?!

May I just say at this point I was coming here well before it became super-cool and I was queuing up back in the day when there was only one Farm Girl.  There I said it! Farm Girl inspires fellow Aussies with dreams…the Aussie founder is keen to bring a holistic and healthy, yet comfortingly simple approach to Australian cafe culture in the heart of Notting Hill.  If I could transport my Italian father’s vegetable garden to London-I’d be a millionaire!  People would be queuing for days!! Hehe

I’ve lost count of the number of times I watched Notting Hill the movie…a classic.  Girl falls in love with a sweet, well-mannered, yet very English-like guy.  I can relate to that.  If that movie was made today, Hughy and Jules would be queuing up at Farm Girl to have a Rose Latte for sure!  Everything looks pretty, the plates, the pink coffee machine, the coffees! That’s right…this is insta-heaven.  Whatever shade you want from your coffee, they have it!  From Charcoal latte to Butterfly Matcha.  I had the Rose Latte with rose water and it really did taste of rose water!

coffee artIt’s the kinda place where you can ask for almond milk, cashew milk or even hazelnut milk without the strange stares.  They have a huge selection of teas too!  I prefer to have the avo on toast (no surprises there), although I did venture out and try the omelette once…delicious!    They use The Roasting Party Coffee and it’s good!  I wouldn’t be writing it if it wasn’t.

Of course the market is crazy busy on the weekends and if you are prepared to wait for hours to get a table here, then go for it!  But otherwise try a quieter time, with less tourists and instagrammers. I suggest walking along the whole of Portobello Road and venturing into Golborne Road.  Walk around the side streets too, to see the colourful houses and peek into the private gardens that is so quintessentially English.   I love Notting Hill, especially Farm Girl.  It’s surreal but nice.

Insta: @farmgirlcafe 


Notting Hill

59a Portobello Rd, W11 3DB

+44 207 229 4678


9 Park Walk, SW10 0AJ

+44 203 674 7359


1 Carnaby Street (above Sweaty Betty), W1F 9QG

+44 207 734 1626



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