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Shop local.  Eat local.  And while this pandemic has been really challenging for all, lockdown has seen this Melbourne Girl appreciating what it’s like living in a community, supporting businesses, adapting to change, as well as, embracing what’s on offer with food and drink in the neighbourhood.

When I moved to London over 12 years ago, I visited this pretty residential neighbourhood, St John’s Wood, and was struck by its beautifully lined trees and its picturesque buildings and gardens with historical significance.  Wandering around the neighbourhood, I remembered as a child, watching the cricket at Lords on TV and recognising the iconic pedestrian zebra crossing made famous by the Beatles.  So to be visiting these things many years later on was nostalgic and exhilarating for this girl from Melbourne.  I’m pleased and proud to say, having moved then into this neighbourhood over 4 years ago, that St John’s Wood not only has famous historical places but has an ever increasing array of exciting places to shop, drink, eat and discover.  With its close proximity to Regents Park, it’s the ideal place to wander with a coffee and take in the charm and beauty of a place I call home in London.

D1 Coffee

Venture south of the high street, through Regents Park, along the canal and make your way to D1 Coffee on Aberdeen Place in Little Venice.  It may be the longest route but by far the prettiest. Coffee is why you’ll come here and the reason why you’ll return.  The quaintest little unassuming place I ever did stumble across.  Be warned…come here on a late sunny Sunday afternoon you may find it already closed!  Who wants to work when the sun’s out?  With tables outside and only a few steps from the chaos of Edgware Road, you may be mistaken in thinking you are in the backstreets of Hampstead.  The staff are friendly and the water free and be prepared to have a chat or too, especially with the locals!  It’s also (but not during a busy lunchtime) a place you can sit and read for a while, a long while. 

I love sitting inside on the front counter and watch the world go by, having my skinny latte and trying not to be tempted by the muffins! 

They have recently renovated and are looking good.  You can pick up coffee beans too and their selection of pastries is fantastic!  If you are there when they open up in the mornings, you may have to wait a bit while the croissants are baking in the oven…but it’s a wait worth waiting for.  Don’t come here if you are in a rush.  You need time, take in the neighbourhood, talk to the locals, then walk along the canal.

I love drinking their skinny cappuccinos and having a berry muffin!  The chocolate one with banana cream is pretty good too!

When I wrote an article for  the St John’s Society I didn’t know they had an insta…but they do! So check it out!

Insta:  d1coffee_

Address: Aberdeen Place

Little Venice NW8 8JN

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