Crowded House, Williamstown, Melbourne

coffee art heart at Crowded HouseWilliamstown always reminds me of summer days as a kid on the beach.  I was never far from the water growing up in Melbourne, I love the sea.

I never envisaged in my wildest dreams living in London for so long, the thought of being too far away from the coast scared me.  Even when I moved to country Victoria, we would head to Warrnambool after school for a dip at the beach!

I now love returning to Williamstown and jogging along the coast.  I truly believe that it’s not until you’ve left a place that you can truly appreciate it.  Williamstown holds a special spot for me, my first teaching round as a fresh uni student was here, my first CRT (Casual Relief Teacher) day was here and I was born at the local hospital. brunch- avo and egg on rye

Crowded House in Willi typifies a Melbourne brunch spot.  Good atmosphere, large area inside, outside and of course round the back! Serving your typical avo on toast they serve good coffee to the friendly crowd.  It gets very busy (dare I say crowded) here especially on the weekends where you can chat to the locals in your flip-flops (thongs) and feel like you’ve  never left Melbourne.  I never tire of the staff  asking, “How was your coffee?”  It is something I’m rarely asked in London and I’m always thrilled to say it’s great to be home.

As the great Crowded House lyrics go, ‘but you’ll never see the end of the road while you are travelling with me, don’t dream it’s over.’


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