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Coffee Jar, Camden

newspaper, coffeeSmall, cosy (ok, it’s tiny!) and quaint place in Camden.  Coffee Jar is a place where everyone knows your name and welcomes you back like an old friend.  Sara (Melbournian barista) is so friendly; in fact all the staff here are very welcoming.  They are generally interested in what you’ve been up to for the day or where you are going.  I would suggest if you have no plans for the day, go to the Primrose Farmer’s Market (Saturday morning) and then hike up Primrose Hill to overlook London.  It’s my go-to-place to have a ‘London moment’ when I’m feeling ‘blah’ and homesick.

If it’s a sunny day I suggest sitting outside Coffee Jar to watch the world of Camden go by .  If inside be prepared to chat to the like-minded folk about your plans for the day.  I’m beginning to think that perhaps it’s me that’s inquisitive about people and perhaps that’s the reason I talk to strangers in coffee shops. Hehe!  Or maybe everyone who drinks coffee is friendly? Perhaps it’s my experience living in a small town back in Oz, where I learnt very quickly that I had no privacy and everyone knew everyone! coffee

In London you can hide when you want to, but when you do allow yourself to share stories with strangers, you just never know what you will learn or who you bump into.

Coffee Jar’s house blend is Monmouth Organic Espresso.  Full and sweet with a fruity length and a cocoa finish…..hehehe.  Right, I copied that last sentence straight from the board behind the bar and it’s so not me.  I prefer a skinny cappuccino when I visit – always the perfect temperature and tastes good!  No need for sugar when you have good coffee.  Do try the slices, I love the raspberry oat slice…mmm delicious and the walk through the park home makes it all worthwhile!  Coffee Jar have a number of home-made treats on offer and their banana bread is to die for.

Insta: @the_coffee_jar  

Address:  83 Parkway, Camden Town, London NW1 7PP

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  1. This was a great tip! Went there today and had one of my best coffees since being in the UK! Cute place and friendly staff. Look forward to returning!!

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