Chiltern Street Deli, Marylebone

salmon bagel

I lived on this street in Marylebone before the days of the Chiltern Firehouse, when I use to say to people, I live on the ‘wedding dress’ street.   When I first went into this deli, I was in awe of its rooms and space in the back.  A mixture of rooms that was somewhere you could hide out in with a friend and chat for hours.  That last sentence seemed so normal before Covid and I hope post-Covid we can do it all again!

Owners at Chiltern Street Deli have changed but it still has got that cosy feeling and a uniqueness that I just love.  Lunches are a must here, from the mozzarella and cheese sandwiches to the chicken Katsu bun, there is something for everyone.  I recommend them toasted.  Who does not love a toastie?!  I think that was something I have missed since living in London and reintroducing into my life has been a good thing!

Chris makes a mighty fine coffee, and my antipodean accent did not scare him off!  Flat white was a good option and as I waited, I admired the pastries.  The bread-and-butter pudding certainly doesn’t look like the school dinner type and it’s definitely a place to grab a pain au chocolat or croissant in the mornings.

Their grocery options are very good at Chiltern Street Deli, a great place where you can pick up Neil Yard crackers, a range of artisan cocktails and selected deli items from around the world!  My father use to own a deli store in Geelong, Victoria, when I was too young to remember and in my head, this is what it would look like today if he still owned it.

Staff are friendly and welcome you back like an old friend.  Everyone lately seems to own a cute dog, so while you wait outside – chat to the locals and their dogs.  If you meet Billy, say hello.  She is the most huggable dog I’ve ever met!

I look forward in the future to sitting in the back and catching up with friends…sounds like such a simple wish…

Insta: @chiltern_street_deli

Address: 27 Chiltern St, Marylebone,

London W1U 7PJ

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