Watermelon towel at beach

I love coffee. I love the sun. I love travelling. Not passions that I thought would keep me in London for over 10 years, but I do believe things happen for a reason.

Originally from Melbourne, I grew up listening to entrancing stories from my Italian father. He didn’t move to Australia until he was in his mid 30s, so his adventures/life in Europe (mainly as a bus tour guide) captivated me. Growing up as a child in the western suburbs in Melbourne, I knew I would always travel and experience life in as many places that I could. Studying in America, whilst at university, gave me a taste of travelling overseas and I guess I have never looked back.

Living and teaching in London has continued my passion for travel and along the way my obsession for a good coffee. Over the last few years coffee is taking off here in London and I love discovering and sharing new places on my instagram feed.

The idea behind this blog is to share a Melbourne girl’s guide to London coffee, as well as, a few others things that grab my attention on my way to get a coffee…hehe! And boy, can I get easily distracted!


My passion for coffee and the adventures you can have along the way, inspire me and I hope you enjoy the journey too!